Spring 2021

VIRTUAL CLASSES are held onceweek, for 40 minutes, and limited to 12 children or families. They are grouped by their birth year, like they are in school, and “graduate” to the next level each September. The material is geared towards the participants, and no two terms are ever alike!

~ “I really think you’ve done such a terrific job of transitioning to this virtual format – I continue to be impressed.” – Pam F.

The 10 week Spring term runs:
Mon: Mar 22 – June 7 (x May 24)
Tue: Mar 23 – May 25
Wed: Mar 24 – May 26 
Sat: Mar 27 – June 5 (x May 22)

There will be no classes Easter Monday (April 5) and the Victoria Day weekend (May 22-24). In the event of an unscheduled cancelled class, it will be made up at the end of the term (June 1 & 2, 12 & 14). Missed classes may be made up within the term with another appropriate age-group, or by a recorded version of the class.

“WIGGLERS” ~ born in ‘20
We’ll learn songs & rhymes for knee bouncing, tickling, clapping, playing with fingers & toes, and peek-a-boo! We’ll explore found sounds from around the house, and puppets & dancing will heighten the enjoyment until lullaby-time brings a soothing close. Some signing will be done during these classes. Wed 1:30  REGISTER

“WANDERERS” ~ born in ’19
We’ll try to keep pace with their boundless energy and encourage them back with knee bouncing, clapping, tickling & peek-a-boo songs, as well as finding toes & noses! They’ll have fun with found sounds from around the house, (“found sounds” are an important part of their explorations. There’ll be puppets that “quack” or “moo”, but even they need a lullaby or two! Wed 9:30, Sat 9:00/11:00  REGISTER

“MOVERS & SHAKERS” ~ born in ‘18
Now we add in songs & rhymes for budding imaginations! We’ll clap, tickle, dance & sing, and they’ll explore/learn about “found sounds”, as well as instruments from around the world, until it’s time to rock a Teddy to sleep. Sat 9:30  REGISTER

“MUSIC MAKERS” ~ born in ‘17
Focus is on playfully discovering rhythms, exploring pitch & dynamics, and developing beat & vocal skills through songs, rhymes, puppets, stories, and creative movement. “Orff” instruments (and many others) will be introduced. Tue 10:15, Sat 10:15  REGISTER

“IMAGINATION SAFARI” ~ suggested for children born in ’15 – ’18
What better way for children to experience music than through movement? Come join us online as as we explore a different colour theme through Dance & Drama every week! Scarves, balloons, puppets, instruments, streamers, and more will have them exercising their imaginations, as well as their bodies, to a wide variety types of music. (This class works well in conjunction with the music classes.) Some props may be provided on a loaner basis. Wed 10:15  REGISTER

We’ll have fun with beat, pitch, rhythm & dynamics while playing singing games, creating sound effects for stories and poems, and improvising with sounds from around the house, as well as some we’ve created! Musical literacy will be introduced. Wed 4:20  REGISTER

“KODORFF” ~ Grades 1-3 (SK by special permission)
Kodaly & Orff teaching methods are combined with a dash of Dalcroze, so learning is vibrant and active. We’ll play clapping and singing games, then transfer the rhythms to almost anything that can be struck, shaken, or rubbed to make sound! We’ll create soundscapes for stories & poems, and begin to learn the basics of reading & writing music. Mon 4:00  REGISTER