TO REGISTER: Please email the Fall eRegistration Form as well as a bank transfer to:

~ The Fall term is $148.50, which can be pro-rated for late joiners. (No extra charge for siblings who want to join in the fun!) 15% discount off each subsequent enrolment if enrolling in more than one class this term ($126.50)! Drop-ins: $15
~Not sure how your child will do with a virtual format? Try one! You only need to pay for the classes when you decide to continue. Also, please remember that, with the exception of the school-age classes, these are meant to be something you do together, in a space as free from distractions as possible. (But it’s amazing how much they take in when you think they’re not paying attention!)
~ Missed a class? Np! They can be made up anytime this term, in any appropriate age-group.